What is the definition of promise? Promiterre. Prometida. Promesse. Promise. However you choose to say the word, promise sends a message of impact because it means that a person is guaranteeing that they will follow through with the words they are assuring you. There is a level of trust immediately thrust within such a promise that can easily be broken if the promise is falsely given. This can happen simply because people tend to make promises not realizing how significant of a commitment their own words have the potential to hold.

Definition of Promise

In the definition of promise, there is certainty and absolution. To make an authentic promise that you intend on keeping, you must question your motives and realize that they are coming from the next right place. What does this mean exactly? The promise shouldn’t be something that you are just saying in order to get what you want out of another person. You should only be making a promise with another person or to yourself if it is genuine. When promises lack authenticity, it can be felt due to confliction from the mixed or partial message conveyed. There’s a quote that goes, “You can pretend to care but you can’t pretend to show up.” This acts as a pinnacle for the underlying theme of how the ability to keep a promise shows the true depth of a person by speaking volumes of their character. It’s just like admitting that anybody can say something, but a true inspiring individual will be able to live up to claims they are making. The trouble here, however, is that sometimes people don’t see that they are making such heavy pledges when they are creating them, which can lead to such devastation when they come to realize they cannot rise to the occasion by meeting the expectation.

Understanding An Empty Promise

An empty promise is a when an alleged assurance is false and made with no true commitment to be fulfilled. It is wrong to do this and when people get in the habit of making empty promise after promise, they put themselves at risk for becoming compulsive liars, suave talkers, and manipulators. With behaviors like this going on, there is dishonesty, selfishness, fear, and self-seeking tendencies. When this fills up your life, there isn’t much room for positivity or growth and a person can quickly tarnish their good reputation.

Making Effective Promises

With the definition of promise revolving around definite circumstances and keeping up with standards that are set, it is crucial that the promise is effective in order for it to be taken into account. The best way to go about making an effective promise is to make sure that you are committed to the belief and principle behind it. If there is doubt or any hesitance about it, then you should put more thought before making the devotion to it. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself or worse, other people in the long run.

Because I Said I Would

Alex Sheen is the founder of the nonprofit organization social media outlet Because I Said I Would, which allows people to write out a promise, fulfill it, and display it on the social media site. He created the platform as a tribute to his father, who died from Stage 4 terminal small cell lung cancer. “What my father did was keep his promises, particularly to me and my brother Greg.” Sheen explained how his desire about the entire creative idea came from wanting his father’s memory to live on, which is exactly what Because I Said I Would allows. “Promise is elemental to humanity – something we all understand.” This is true because promises know no language as a barrier and they aren’t discriminated against. People all throughout the world have the ability to make promises – it all comes down to the matter of people being able to own up to adhering to keeping them instead of turning them into an empty promise.

The definition of promise is important in maintaining healthy relationships and functioning throughout society because it keeps you living authentically in honesty. When you can be honest with yourself and others, you will notice better communication and genuine relationships building. With this comes stability and peace of mind.

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