Comparing yourself to others can be a difficult habit to pull yourself out of, but living in comparison to others is an unhealthy way to live.  Learn how to stop today.

Stop Comparing

One of the most hazardous ways you could function in your life may be by constantly comparing yourself to others around you.  When thoughts pour in the mind that try to put you in line with others as you try to decipher who you are in contrast with others, it creates a muddled mess because people aren’t meant to be determined by looking at others.  A person is not defined by who someone else is not.  When you start looking at where other people are in their personal journey, you can begin to get lost on your own path because you wonder why you haven’t met the same goals.  The reality is that just because someone else has been able to achieve certain goals or get to a certain point in life, doesn’t mean that you have to.  Each person should try to see that life allows different paths for people.

Stop looking at what other people have and you don’t

A huge part of comparing yourself to others can deal with what they have and you don’t.  The best way to come out of this is to remain grateful for what you do have.  Even if you are only able to see positive attributes in other people and then fail to see anything good in yourself, you can pull yourself away from gratitude and instead straight down into feelings of self-pity.  This is why it can be important to focus on all the positive aspects in your life instead of the areas you lack.  You can easily lift yourself up and live in gratitude by doing this regularly.  Living in gratitude can allow you to be content with your own life and prevent you from looking at other people’s lives to see how they compare to yours in order to help determine how you feel about your own.  You won’t need to be living in comparison to others because you will have a distinct and clear stance by already knowing you are at peace with your own life.

Understand that comparing yourself to others doesn’t lift your self-esteem

When you’re comparing yourself to others, the truth is you aren’t boosting your self-esteem.  If you really stop to think about it, have you ever felt better just because you had something that another person didn’t have, such as a nicer car or better job?  You might have felt better for a period of time, but the fact of the matter is that these are materialistic aspects in life that are not substantial enough to last in the long run.  Eventually resources drain, so what were you comparing?  This is where comparing fails.  It’s not how people should be creating their confidence.  Individuals need to look at themselves and learn to be grateful for where they are at in their own walk of life instead of judging how their life looks based on what other people’s looks like.

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