In the early stages of your recovery, it may seem difficult when considering how to get a sponsor to walk you through the twelve step program so you can get and maintain a life in sobriety.  However, a sponsor plays a significant role during your recovery journey.  Choosing a sponsor can seem overwhelming and many addicted individuals often contemplate over what qualities to look for which can prolong them getting a sponsor and started on working their program of recovery.

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How to Get A Sponsor

12-Steps To Recovery

A sponsor is someone that you are going to be working the 12 steps with, so don’t overthink it too much that you decide not to even get one. This is just a simple guide to help you in the direction of finding a sponsor, but should not deter you from ultimately picking one.

Identify: They Understand You

It’s beneficial to find someone you identify with and can connect with. This does not mean they have to be identical to you, it just means that they too have suffered from alcoholism and/or drug addiction and have recovered through the 12-steps.

Time: You Can Count On Them

When picking a sponsor it works best when they have time to meet you and speak with you as you go through the steps. They do not have to devote 100% of their time with you, but enough that you are able to successfully go through the steps as you achieve recovery.

Needs: They Have The Recovery You Seek

Have they done the steps? Are they trying to the best of their ability to practice principles in all their affairs? Do they practice what they say? Are they actively trying to get closer to their higher power and grow in recovery? If you can answer yes to these questions, then they might be the sponsor for you!

Thinking about how to get a sponsor can be overwhelming, but think of it as developing new friendships.  Ultimately, you are creating a network in the Twelve-Step Program composed of sober supports and a sponsor is just one more support to add to that mix. Don’t think about it too much though, because at the end of the day, you just have to make a willing, honest, and open-minded start to begin your journey in recovery.

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