Ever think someone is so lucky because they got sober and you couldn’t? Well, here is the great news, it has nothing to do with luck and you can achieve it, too.

Luck is basically when preparation meets opportunity. So, let’s break that down in 5 easy steps to show you how you can achieve sobriety through a little self-made luck.

Sober Luck

Step 1 Admit You Have Problem

Admitting you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is the first step towards long-term recovery. If you can’t admit it, it will be hard to fix it. This is where you also have to let go of your old ideas about your recovery and also let go of the blame you may be placing on others.

Step 2 Acknowledge You Can’t Do It Alone

After you admit there is a problem, you have to also be aware that you can’t fix this problem on your own. You trying to fix you will not work if the problem stems from, well, you. How can a sick mind and body fix a sick mind and body? Outside help is what will guide you out of the vicious cycle of addiction.

Step 3 Ask For Help And Take Suggestions

Now that you admit you have a problem, acknowledge you can’t do it alone and fix said problem, it’s time to ask for help. Once you have asked for help, you will want to take the suggestions given to you by those who have already gone through the process and are now sober. If you do not take the suggestions, you may find it difficult to continue on in your recovery.

Step 4 Get Prepared

By working with a sponsor, taking suggestions, and working the 12-steps of an anonymous program and/or the attendance of treatment, you are getting prepared to help meet your opportunity at living a life sober. It is a combination of suggestions and actions that help get you prepared.

Step 5 Take The Opportunity

After your foundation in recovery is created, this is where you have the true opportunity to live life on life’s terms clean and sober. Essentially, this is where your luck has been created by preparing for the opportunity.

Recovery Is A Reality

If you are still struggling at staying sober, please contact us today at 1-877-975-4837. It’s time to finally turn your luck around and go after the life you deserve. 


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