While in recovery or after having recovered from an addiction, finding a job or continuing a career is important to continued sobriety. The first impression is the impression that your employer will remember. In a professional work setting there are some etiquette guidelines that, when followed, can lead to success in the workplace.

Dress For Success

Before going out on a shopping spree for a new job it is best to keep your wardrobe to something that is simple and business casual.

Business casual for men means that men should wear a pair of dress slacks or khakis that are clean, pressed and wrinkle free along with a tucked in button-down long sleeve shirt. Depending on the environment of the workplace, a tie might be a good idea as well. For the first few weeks, to ensure a good first impression, it is best to avoid the short-sleeve polo because you want to be perceived as a professional.

Women should wear dress slacks or a skirt that is at least to just above the knee with a top that has sleeves. A woman in a professional work environment should never wear tight fitting tops or pants, short skirts, flip flops, or tops that expose the midriff. After getting settled into the job and learning about the environment, you can begin to show a tasteful fashion sense within the realm of a business casual dress code.

Beware of Web Browsing

While at work, it is always best to stay productive and focused on the task at hand rather than stray to surfing the internet. Many companies will monitor the internet usage of their employees while at work. There are programs that give employers the ability to check what Web sites employees visit as well as how long they spend on each Web site. Rather than browse the internet when you need a mental break, it is better to take a few moments to converse with coworkers.

Facebook is another application that should me monitored and controlled thoughtfully. By adjusting the privacy settings, you can protect your professional image at work by restricting what your boss and coworkers can view on your page. This is also a good practice when looking for a job as well because more now than ever, employers are looking to Facebook to see how a potential employee holds themselves in public.

Writing a Proper E-mail

It is important to keep a professional image at all times while at work, this includes electronic communication as well. With the popularity of instant messaging and text messaging, abbreviated language developed to make communication more convenient. It is essential to never use abbreviated language when speaking, and composing professional documents and e-mails.

When composing an e-mail there should be a greeting like “good morning” or simply the name of the recipient followed by a colon. You should never type an e-mail using all capital letters. The body of the e-mail should be composed with complete sentences and a professional tone. A polite phrase that fits your personality is all you need to close an e-mail followed by your name. After writing the e-mail proofread it for spelling and grammar errors before sending it.

Be Respectful of Co-workers

There are many things that a professional must do to be respectful towards their coworkers.

Many offices have a small kitchen that employees are allowed to use. This office kitchen may only be cleaned once a day so you should always clean up after yourself and leave the kitchen looking just as it did before you used it.

Cell phones in the workplace are unavoidable because they are most people’s main form of communication. When you are in the office you should silence your cell phone and not use any fancy ring tones that might bother coworkers. Also, when speaking to someone on the phone, it is important to keep your end of the conversation polite so that you don’t disrupt your coworkers. There is also the right and wrong time to answer a phone call and it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

Finally, always use common courtesy when dealing with another person. This includes using basic phrases like please and thank you.

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