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Freedom! What a precious word. It is something that has taken my whole lifetime to even begin to understand. These are lessons that I have obtained from many sources, and from that still, small voice within. I found it best defined in the song Me and Bobby McGee, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

There is only one path to true Freedom, Freedom from Self, Peace with Self, with fellows and with your own GOD. That path is through the elimination of EGO and the acquisition of True Humility before the Spirit of the Universe. God as each may understand him. We use many different names for our Creator, all being the same, all a call to our innermost selves to "Seek First the Kingdom of God Within.”

Before I began to search for my path, in my worldly drunken view, I was severely limited in what I could do. By ourselves, we can do little or nothing except drown out the bleakness and frustration of life. A man without power, as I was, is nothing. With Power, however, anything is possible. That Power is, of course, Spiritual Power....man needs power, lots of it, to survive. This means getting in touch with the source of power.....so that every act becomes a spiritual act, every day a spiritual day. It is thus that we come to live a COMPLETELY SPIRITUAL LIFE, HAPPY, JOYOUS, and FREE.

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