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Learning To Let Go Of Control And Be Free

Learning to let go of control is not any easy matter. It’s not as though anyone wants to turn it over because control gives a person a sense of power and safety. Who would ever want to abandon such comfort? The honest truth is that holding onto this coping mechanism of controlling behaviors is only going to keep you sick and learning to let go of this will enacts a new freedom that makes so much more possible than you would have ever thought.

Learning to Let Go of Control for Freedom and Peace

When you can begin to pause and be in the moment, you will notice how freeing it feels to have taken a step away from any controlling tendencies. Learning to let go of control will allow you to be relaxed and able to participate in your own life. You probably spent far too much time concerned with controlling areas of your life which ultimately you had no control over anyway. When you let go of trying to control other people, their actions, and even your surroundings, you will find yourself practicing acceptance. With this, you may experience a sense of peace because you are acknowledging that you cannot conform specifics to your accommodations and it is what it is – nothing more, nothing less. Practicing acceptance will help with the process of learning to let go of control.

When things change, you may find that you do not instantaneously become happy.

People don’t find it hard to relate to having the far too prevalent thoughts that expressing how a multitude of changes can by some miracle constructs a newfound happiness in their life. Logically, this makes no sense because ultimately materialistic “things” can only make a person “happy” for so long before it wears off and no longer keeps them happy with everlasting joy. That is truly what each person strives for – joy. However, these thoughts can be so convincing that they deceive the believer who begins to internalize them to such great extent. These thoughts can cycle in their mind as they instruct them that if they change certain attributes then they will all of a sudden be happier. For example, people commonly believe that if they get a new job or move to a new location, they will be happier when the reality is that these changes do not really impact the person’s happiness at all. The old saying, “wherever you go, there you will always be” works perfectly for this. No matter what changes you do externally and physically, if nothing is resolved internally and implemented, then you won’t be living with any kind of true happiness or more importantly, peace.

When you are able to stop latching on to different ways of controlling behaviors, you will find that life becomes less strenuous and provoking. Ridding the tendency to control areas of life pertaining to relationships, food, money, work, or your own home just to name a few may seem difficult, but that is why it is important to remember that it is not an event but rather a process. Learning to let go of control requires practice and by pausing at every situation instead of immediately jumping toward ritualistic, old behaviors, you can view it accordingly and see if are overly dominating.

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