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4th of July Party Ideas For Alcoholics And Addicts

What 4th of July party ideas have you come up with now that you are in early recovery from an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs?  This may be the first Independence Day you get to celebrate sober, which makes it extra memorable because you will actually get to be in the moment and experience life as it happens instead of just watch it pass by due to being inebriated by substances.  After all, recognizing the 4th of July is particularly special since it is a holiday all about freedom.

4th of July Party Ideas

Celebrating July 4th sober is an absolute gift!  It’s a holiday worthy of properly commemorating with others. 

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Think about getting a large group together at a local Public Park or field.  You can put up tents, set up under a pavilion, locate picnic tables, or bring a folding table to set up.  Be sure to coordinate who brings plastic utensils, plates, and cups!  Don’t forget about making your favorite entrees because this is the main part of your barbecue!  Make sure you have your cooler filled with your meats, chickens, fruit, veggies, salads, cheese, non-alcoholic drinks, and ice!  Don’t leave out the ketchup, mustard, relish, or mayo!  You might want some chips and cookies too!  If you aren’t certain whether or not the location you picked to celebrate your 4th of July celebration at has a grill outside, be sure that you have a back up plan!  It might be a good idea to bring a mini portable grill or an actual grill with an extension cord, as long as there is an outlet somewhere at the location you picked!  Oh, don’t forget about bringing some sparklers and fireworks for later either!


If you want to go for one of smaller 4th of July party ideas, you could always plan for a picnic at a field, garden, beach, park, mountains, trails, or golf coarse in the afternoon or evening to recognize the holiday.  You can give your picnic a 4th of July theme by getting foods that are red, white, and blue.  A good example would be adding strawberries, blueberries, and cut up bananas in a container for a healthy and all-American tribute to the nation!  Don’t forget about bringing a red, white, and blue blanket, so that you can lay it out for you and your friends to sit on while you eat, chit-chat, and rejoice in your festivities!  Who needs to drink on the 4th of July when you are surrounded by good friends that you can open up, be honest with, laugh, and joke around with?  Certainly not you!


Do you want more action this Independence Day?  More 4th of July party ideas include parades!  Check your local newspaper or research online to see if there will be a 4th of July parade in honor of the holiday near you.  If you end up going to the parade, be sure to keep yourself accountable, especially being new to sobriety.  Parades may be triggering on holidays because there a lot of people intoxicated.  Ways to keep yourself accountable that can prevent you from being tempted to drinking on the 4th of July include calling your sponsor and/or sober supports if you feel you’re struggling, removing yourself from negative settings when you feel uncomfortable by walking away, going to the parade with sober people, and not endangering yourself by roaming around looking to walk into a bar to pick up a drink.  If you are feeling anxious, you may just want to leave and work with another alcoholic and/or addict.  However, you may find yourself having a great time if you go with sober individuals and focus on the beauty in life.  It can be great when you come together with people in recovery to spend time with one another instead of having to turn to substances to enjoy entertainment.  You actually get to enjoy the fun – live music, floats, colors, and fireworks presented to you in addition to remembering it!

With these 4th of July party ideas, you are sure to have a fantastic holiday.  Early recovery from an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs can take you away from living your life to the fullest and keep you from being actively involved with others.  The 4th of July is centered on freedom, so rejoice because you’re sober this year!

Are you struggling in your sobriety or still active in an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs?  Contact The Watershed for help today.

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