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How to Enjoy A Sober St. Patrick’s Day During Recovery


The first sober St. Patrick’s Day during recovery can be tricky for a recovering alcoholic when booze seems to be both left and right. Understanding how to enjoy the holiday without picking up a drink and instead focusing on partaking in commemorating the holiday appropriately can make all the difference for you this year.

Tips for A Safe, Fun, and Sober St. Patrick’s Day

Now that you’re not actively drinking alcohol this year, what can you expect from a sober St. Patrick’s Day? The holiday may be different and you may get extremely overwhelmed at times. Dealing with these arising emotions can seem to get tough, but being aware of these feelings is an important component that will allow you to be present during the day. The first major step of the day comes in this awareness because if you spend the day shutting off your feelings and staying in denial by cutting off how you feel, you prevent yourself from allowing yourself to be honest with what you really feel. Know that it’s okay for you to be angry if you’re upset about being unable to spend the holiday how you have in prior years this year. Maybe you are used to spending the festivities with family and may be upset because you can’t actively be partaking in drinking endeavors. Try to shift your focus on the fact that now you can actually be present with loved ones instead. Remember that life isn’t contingent upon the substances but rather on the substance of living and being genuine with others. Life has true meaning and value now because you aren’t putting an artificial substance in your body. You are putting real substance in your life now! What could be more meaningful than this in your life? Rejoice in the true spirit of a sober St. Patrick’s Day by celebrating with your loved ones and spending time with them. Instead of living in your head and replaying memories of the past where you were drinking to celebrate the festivities for a reason you probably didn’t even you realize you were drinking over, you can now actually focus on matters that are important.

Tips for maintaining sobriety

Try to plan out the day. Preparation can be helpful because it can give you comfort by allowing you a plan to fall back on. When you have a guide set up to fall back on, you may be more inclined to be eased through out the holiday. Whether you make plans with family and friends for later in the day to go out to a nice sober St. Patrick’s Day dinner, watch the town’s parade, or venture off to a celebratory Irish festival, you will know that you already have the day set up in advance. When the day isn’t set up, you risk leaving yourself susceptible to getting into trouble. You may find that you want to get involved in activities you used to, like going off and scavenging at bars or downtown at the parade to partake in binge drinking. Impulsive and reckless behavior is known for popping out on holidays when the day isn’t planned out with at least some ideas set out in mind, which is why it is important to remember that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Remember that sobriety is a full-time job and wherever you go, there you will always be! Days like St. Patrick’s Day may come around once a year to stir up some issues in life, but try not to get too distressed over the day. A sober St. Patrick’s Day should be about having a good time with friends without you focusing too much on the alcohol and/or drugs that tore up your life in the past. Don’t let it cause mental turmoil in your life now. Shift the focus on what you can do for others now by sending a positive message of impact on how great your life is now that you are without it.

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