As an addict and/or alcoholic beginning your recovery, you may not be open to suggestions.  It’s not unordinary to begin shutting down due to the stubborn nature of your disease.  Trying to find the willingness to listen to sober supports that have been where you are and understand the feelings you’re going through can benefit you.  It’s imperative to be open-minded enough to hear what others have done in order to do what they did and get what they have – a life in sobriety that’s happy, joyous, and free.

How to Be Open to Suggestions

It may sound absurd for an addict and/or alcoholic like yourself to even be considering being open to suggestions from another person.  You probably never thought you would do anything recommended by someone else.  Active in addiction, you made the rules because you were living in your own world.  Now that you’re in recovery, it’s time to see the world does not revolve around you.  Being open to suggestions is an integral part of this.  It doesn’t mean you have to strictly follow everything you hear from your newfound sober network.  Suggestions are simply defined in the dictionary as “ideas put forward for consideration.”  They are strong recommendations from people who have gone through what you are currently going through!  If you really feel strongly compelled not to take the suggestion, then wait on it.  Nobody is forcing you to take the suggestion.  All that’s asked is that you are open to suggestions and willing to make the effort to at least thinking about trying some of them.

If nothing changes, nothing changes

The reality behind not being open to suggestions is that if you don’t make any changes in your life at all, then nothing will change.  You should ask yourself if you are striving toward creating a better, positive, and sober life for yourself.  If you truly want this and wish to change, maybe it’s time to start listening to sober supports that have implemented changes in their life as well as professionals and begin the recovery process so you can have a positive change too.

Left to your own devices…

It’s unfortunate to face the truth in that your best alcoholic and/or addict thinking brought you into recovery for addiction.  Left to your own devices, you aren’t in the best frame of mind!  You should always be getting a second opinion from sober supports, your sponsor, and/or professional team.

Change occurs

When you become willing to take risks like being open to suggestions and putting in the effort to take action by committing to some, then true change can begin to take place.  This is where the miracle of recovery begins to unfold.

Consider it building strength

By allowing yourself to be open to suggestions of others in recovery, you are giving yourself permission for improvement.  Don’t think of it as you being weak or subjecting yourself to being pushed around.  Start viewing open-mindedness as the positive attribute it is because it provides you with the ability to become a stronger person.  Consider that the more you work on putting the suggestions of others into motion to see if they benefit you, the better the outcome will be for you living at peace in your recovery.

Being open to suggestions doesn’t have to be viewed negatively.  Alcoholics and addicts can typically misinterpret the phrase for a demand when the reality is that they are words of advice from other alcoholics and/or addicts who have knowledge based on their own experience.

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