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As A Parent In Recovery, How Do I Explain My Addiction To My Children?

Explaining your drug addiction to your children may be something you find yourself procrastinating.  It is important to realize that this is a matter both worthy and necessary to address.  If you are debating how to tackle such a topic, communicating with your kids about the disease you have will clear up any misinformation.  You should focus on how talking about difficulties helps the outcome and brings a greater bond in the relationships of all people involved.

How Do I Talk To My Kids?

Something that may be keeping you from having a talk with your kids about what is going on with you in your recovery could be the guilt you may be experiencing.  You may feel like you have failed as a parent, even though the truth is that you have not.  Just by you being in recovery and working to better yourself, you are an inspiration.  The willingness for change is never a letdown.  Your kids will notice your perseverance and desire to grow, giving them the good model for striving towards healthy goals. If you ever feel like you have disappointed your family, just take a deep breath and remind yourself that addiction is a disease.  Your disease wants you to suffer, be miserable, and wallow in self-pity.  Focus on your recovery and further developing your relationship with your children. Keep trying your best and do not give up.

You should also consider that if you are not discussing your recovery process even vaguely with your kids, then they might make their own assumptions about what is going on.  This will drive a wedge between your relationship with them and even increase their chances of having issues later in their life based on false interpreting of what they thought was going on in their childhood with you.  Try to answer the questions that your kids have the right to know without getting too detailed with the residuals.

It can be especially tough to explain what is going on to your children when you are in the process of your recovery if they are young.  If this is the case, the details can get spared according to what they know.  The best method when having the discussion would be to relate your illness of addiction to a form of physical illness, like diabetes for example.  Kids may have a better comprehension of the idea that you are sick and trying to get well.  This may make more sense to them because of the times that you come off as exhausted and irritable, or even when you have to get out of the house to attend meetings.  When making the comparison, try not to overwhelm them or instill any fear.

There are conversations that people may never want to endure, and having to talk to your children about your addiction may be one of them.  It is of course important for you to first talk with your sponsor, sober supports, counselors, spouse, and family before discussing this with your children. Just remember to remain calm, be honest, and relax.  This process is a journey, and each day relationships will get rebuilt and worked on for the better.

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