When it comes to lying, addicts are keen on knowing just what to say and how to say it to manipulate matters into their own hands.  More often than not, addicts can get entangled in their own web of lies and place themselves in grave danger as a result.  If the recovering individual can take a look at how to stop lying and instead work on bettering themselves, they may come to find it makes their life far less complex and they can rest at ease living in honesty.

5 Lies Addicts Should Stop Believing NOW

Are you an addict that finds yourself wondering how to stop lying?  If you’re not sure, maybe you can identify with these 5 common lies that addicts need to stop telling themselves now.

There’s no fun without alcohol and drugs.

Before you ever picked up a drink or drug, did you ever smile or laugh?  The odds are that you did.  With that being said, you’re going to do the same without the use of any substances again.  Getting sober doesn’t mean you’re never going to be happy and you’re going to live a miserable life.  If that’s what it meant, then recovering addicts wouldn’t be clean this long!  If you aren’t having fun right away, give it some time.  There may be moments where you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, but after making new friends, getting readjusted in your newfound sober life, and re-experiencing living in the moment without the crutch that substances provided you, you may find that you enjoy life even more.

You are addicted due to a creative or genius trait.

This can be a dangerous lie that addicts want so badly to fool themselves into believing.  Addicts can desperately want to be innately unique and separate themselves from society.  In recovery, it can be seen that there is a common bond where each individual suffers from that same obsession to abuse their substance of choice uncontrollably.  There is no creative or genius trait that compels an individual to be an addict.  Addiction is a disease where even consequences cannot prevent the person from continuing on with the cycle of picking up and abusing their substance of choice.

Recovery is something you aren’t capable of.

Addiction may be a disease but anyone is capable of recovery, provided they have the willingness to recover from this grave state of mental, emotional, and physical agony.

Life is pointless and the way to deal with this is by turning to substances again.

You already know where drugs have gotten you in the past.  You know alcohol and drugs are not the solution.  Resorting to them once again will surely only bring the same results.  Nothing has changed, so stop telling yourself that turning to drugs will resolve any problem because you already know it won’t.

Nobody else is affected by your addiction.

To think that your addiction only affects you is false.  Addiction is a disease that isn’t contagious and yet it spreads like wildfire.  The actions you commit during active addiction come from a standpoint that may involve selfish, self-seeking, and dishonest tendencies, which directly affects all of the people you encounter throughout the day.

If you’re wondering how to stop lying, try to remember that honesty is a huge part of recovery.  If you truly want to get better, you are going to have to put in the effort to pausing, becoming willing, and thinking twice.  Checking in constantly with sober supports, a sponsor, therapist, family member or friend can help keep you accountable in your efforts when it comes to working on how to stop lying to yourself and others.  


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