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With Mother’s Day soon to approach this May 10, you may be on your toes feeling anxious being early in recovery after having been formerly active as a drug addict mother.  Holidays can dredge up unexpected emotions from all angles, so dealing with a date designated for mothers can be particularly difficult.  Facing feelings of guilt and shame may be hard but you can’t stay stuck in the victim role.  Instead, you should pull yourself out to see how far you have travelled throughout the process of recovery so that you can look at how your sobriety can continue to allow you to grow to be the best mother you can be.

Mother's Day In Recovery 

From A Drug Addict Mother…

When you were active in your addiction to drugs, it probably consumed your every thought and ultimately robbed the precious time you should have been spending with your children, husband, siblings, family members, and other loved ones.  Drug addict mothers can’t be present with their loved ones when they are active in addiction because when they aren’t physically taking their drugs of choice, they’re plotting and virtually obsessing over when they can run off to get their next dose.  This is the insanity of the disease of addiction.  You may have been physically with your children and other loved ones at the dinner table, but your mind was completely somewhere else because you were thinking about where you were going to meet your drug dealer, how much money you need, when you could get more of the drug, what time you would have to leave, how you would get the money, what street you would make the deal on, and where you would need to stop to get any supplementary drug paraphernalia.  Any conversation that was occurring at the family dinner table you were completely missing out on.

…to Sober Mother

Now being in recovery, you get a completely different outlook on life that you didn’t have before!  It’s as if you are an entirely different person with a completely fresh pair of eyes and have woken up out of an insane nightmare or been have broken the curse to which someone cast upon you!  You finally get to be present with your children and enjoy the time you spend with them.  Recovery can provide the freedom from the mental obsession to use substances, so you can have this outlook on life where you are in the present moment that is occurring.  You may just find that aren’t fixated on drugs or any type of association with them.  Instead, you may see yourself asking your family how they are doing as you aren’t reverting the conversation back to your own selfish ends. 

When you can truly communicate with your loved ones as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, or other family member, you may truly see how far you have already come throughout the process of your recovery.  This Mother’s Day, the true gift is being able to be present with the people you spend time with.  Whether you are able to actually see your loved ones or not on this holiday, do your best to remain grateful that you are clean and sober this year and not tearing up a storm hurting others active in your disease as a drug addict mother.

Are you concerned because you feel you are slipping in your recovery or are actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol?  Contact The Watershed for help now.  You don’t have to continue on with your use.  Live freely from the obsession by calling today.

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