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Warning Signs You’re Slacking In Your Recovery

Are you worried you may be slacking with your addiction recovery?  These warning signs can be a surefire way to tell!

Relapse Warning Signs

Keeping up with your addiction recovery is important, but after you’ve been sober for a while, it can get tricky.  Life has gotten better and you’ve already put the substances down.  Now that you aren’t active in your addiction and have racked up a good amount of sober time, it’s likely that your life has become far more manageable than it ever has been before.  This makes it all the more likely for you to justify skipping regular meetings throughout the week, forgetting to keep up with sober supports, and slacking when it comes to constant communication with your sponsor.  When you stop being as strict about following your addiction recovery routine and become more lenient with it over time, you may not notice it right away but after a while you set yourself up to begin slacking with your recovery.  You may begin to grow restless, irritable, and discontent.  It’s never good when an alcoholic and/or addict becomes any of these because they set themselves up to self-medicate by reverting back to the drink and/or drug.

How to pull yourself back up

When you notice yourself headed down an emotional and mental downward cycle, you need to lift yourself up.  The bottom line is your life is on the line because if you aren’t growing in your recovery, then you are plummeting and reverting back to your former ways of thinking.  You should constantly be reminding yourself that and keeping in mind that if you don’t push forward by continuing with your addiction recovery, you are bound to go back to the life you lived before you found this beautiful new way of life in sobriety.  Being aware that you are slacking with your recovery doesn’t mean you are failure.  It means you are human and you got caught up in the scheme of life.  Life gets stressful and people get busy, but since you are an alcoholic and/or addict, you have to constantly remind yourself that you cannot afford to put anything before your commitment to working your addiction recovery program.  Without your sobriety, life isn’t manageable.  You can’t forget this because otherwise you will revert back to abusing substances and go back to the way you were living when you were in active addiction.  If you do see yourself picking up on old behaviors, you do have the ability to check back in with yourself and stop because you still have that choice before you take your will back by turning back to substances.  The best way to pull yourself back up when you notice your slacking on your addiction recovery is to set up a plan of action.  This should include reaching out to sober supports because when you notice you haven’t been able to stay on board in your program, reaching out to others who understand what you are going through and can provide support while sharing their experience, strength and hope can pull you through the most trying times.

Remember not to get frustrated with yourself for not adhering to a perfect addiction recovery program.  Every person is likely to have flare ups along the way and that’s okay.  A key component to understand about recovery is that it’s a process focusing on progress, not perfection.

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