Finding Peace While Your Child Struggles With Addiction


When you’re a parent of an addict and/or alcoholic, finding peace when your child is suffering from the disease of addiction can seem impossible.  There is however the hope that you can both find your way back to stabilization. 

Finding peace in the midst of chaos

The idea of finding peace can provide relief, especially during extremely vulnerable times.  Realistically, you shouldn’t have to be worrying about whether or not you’ve hugged your child for the last time.  There’s no question your child’s addiction to alcohol and drugs has disrupted the relationship you share because the disease branches off to affect the entire family.

Let go of the anger

Setting aside anger may be difficult.  You may not want to do it because you may feel your anger is justified but holding onto the anger isn’t going to change anything.  It will only amplify negativity.  You won’t be finding peace any more than you will be on your way to living happy, joyous, or free.  Instead you will be caging yourself like an animal and keeping yourself locked in chains.  The past is gone.  It’s over and done with.  Now is the time to live and let live.  Your child’s addiction is not your fault, so you shouldn’t be angry at yourself or them for suffering from an actual illness.  You must accept what you simply cannot change, focus on what can be changed through taking action such as seeking treatment to recover, and stop burning up energy foolishly by being angry to instead convert energy more productively into something far more positive for both of your own well-beings.

Be positive

If your child is struggling with addiction and not ready or willing to recover from their disease, then staying supportive by reinforcing positive behaviors can assist in helping to push them forward along the way since it can act as a motivator for change.  It’s unfortunate but depending on the age of your child, if your child isn’t willing to put in the effort by working a program of recovery, then there’s realistically only so much you can do for your child when you’ve already intervened, stopped enabling them, cut off financial ties, and provided suggestions for treatment options.  This doesn’t mean recovery is hopeless for your child!  Stay positive about your child recovering.

Live your life

There’s no room for codependency in your life when your child is suffering from an addiction.  This can be the ultimate destruction for you finding peace.  If your child is in recovery for their addiction, they have begun chasing after and embracing their newfound life, just as you should too.  Not only will you have more motivation and passion for your life, but you will set a great example for your child.  You deserve to live a rich and fulfilling life!  Remember that addiction is a disease, affecting all members of the family.  It can leave an emotional toll on you.  Immersing your energy into a favorite pastime can help you create a life for yourself.

Finding peace can be challenging for anyone, especially parents of addicted children.  Not only is it possible for alcoholics and addicts to recover, but it’s also probable for you as parents to overcome a life of turmoil to live peacefully.

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