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Signs of Addiction: How To Tell If Your Child Is Abusing Drugs

There are many signs of addiction that can immediately tip you off to the confirmation of the belief that your child is indeed abusing drugs. In fact, you have probably seen them on a regular basis at times without even realizing that they were signifying the disease itself. After taking notice of these behaviors and seeing these patterns in your child, you be left wondering what to do. Once you have seen these signs of addiction and have grown to be considered, you should aid them in opting for some form of treatment in order for them to have the best chance at sustaining a long-term recovery.

Signs of Addiction

Slipping In Academic Performance

This is a warning sign that something – whatever it may be – is definitely going on with your child. If they have particularly been well-rounded in their education and have begun to slip in grade performance, it may be because their attention has shifted focus to achieving their next fix of drugs.

Eating and Sleeping Patterns Change or Become Irregular

A disruption in eating and sleeping patterns could be another big tip off that your child is having a drug problem. Typically a drug addiction will display this symptom because most drugs have side effects like increasing or decreasing appetite. Some drugs can induce feelings of tiredness while others create alertness and bring on concentration. These types of signs can also be difficult for people to hide, so pay close attention to these.

Change In Friends

If your child keeps bringing new groups of people around, you should begin to question if drugs are involved. Usually a change in friends could mean that they have been switching crowds and re-acclimating social groups in search of drugs.

Suspicious or Irregular Behavior

Many different types of behavior can be another key sign that something off is going on. If your child is asking for money more than normal, this could be unusual behavior that you need to worry about. You may have thought that items in your home went mysteriously missing, but you should take into consideration that your child may have pocketed them for cash in exchange for drugs. These are all signs of addiction, and they can be overwhelming signs, so just remember that it is a disease that has unfortunately brought your loved one to do things that they may have not normally done.

Mood Swings

Especially if there is no logical explanation, a shift in your child’s mood can be one of many signs of addiction. Whether high on drugs or coming off drugs, mood swings are frequent with both drug addicts and abusers. They also may be suffering from a co-occurring mental disease, which is found to be common for those who
experiment with mind-altering substances

How To Help Your Child Recover From Drug Abuse

These signs of addiction can act as a warning that your child is in need of serious help. It can be overwhelming after noticing multiple signs of addiction like these ones listed, so don’t overanalyze the situation or drown yourself in guilt. This is a disease that can affect anybody regardless to what kind of person they are or where they come from. It doesn’t matter how they were raised or what has happened to them. Addiction is a disease, but it is treatable. The best option for your child to recover would be to seek treatment for your child today.

If you are in search of a treatment center for your loved one, contact The Watershed for help today.

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