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What Is An Addiction? How To Tell If Your Loved One Is An Addict


What is an addiction?  For some people, the personal experience of the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction has provided an obvious answer.  There are others that remain uncertain about their drinking and drugging habits as they question whether they are truly powerless over their use and if their lives are truly unmanageable as a result.  Understanding what constitutes as qualifications for the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction will help the individual who is in dubious debate to determine whether they may or may not be suffering from malady that puts the body and mind in constant disruption.

What Is An Addiction to Alcohol and/or Drugs?

Making the distinction from being a casual drinker and/or drug user to a heavy abuser to a full blown alcoholic and/or drug addict can seem confusing.  Alcoholism and addiction are both listed medically as chronic brain diseases but these terms can each be self-diagnosed by the sufferer upon conducting a personal investigation.  Beginning to uncover if your loved one has an unhealthy relationship with substances that constitutes as an addiction can start with looking at the patterns of their use.  Have they ever put in the effort to stop drinking and/or using drugs but failed to remain abstinent from abuse?  Have other people commented on their substance use and/or suggested that they slow down?  Have they ever tried substituting one drink and/or drug for another, under the misconception that the change of substance would control their ability to use successfully?  Have they ever abused a substance at an inappropriate time such as during work hours, while driving a vehicle or other mobile means of transportation, or in the morning?  Do they find themselves trying to drink and/or take more drugs and unable to stop?  Do they believe that they have the power to stop abusing these substances at any time they want, if they really wanted to but they choose not to because they don’t want to yet?  Do they neglect responsibilities like work or school because of their drinking and/or drug use?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your loved might be suffering from the disease of addiction to alcohol and/or drugs.

For Those That Stopped In Time

Although there are many alcoholics and/or addicts that didn’t have to think twice about their diagnosis, some ponder it greatly and make excuses under the belief that they didn’t abuse the substances enough, suffer as negative as consequences as others, or have an addiction to all substances.  These are common reasons that these individuals relapse.  While some discover that they were not truly an alcoholic and/or addict and can use their substances successfully after all, others return with the confirmed belief that they could not control their drinking and/or drug use because they were powerless over the substances.  However, not every individual must go out and hit these low bottoms to come to realize that they are truly sufferers of the disease.  Some are fortunate enough to be able to foresee where the disease may bring them and that they were capable of stopping before their disease had the chance to manifest to its worst.

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