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What If Addiction Was Treated Like A Real Medical Condition?

Society has already been informed that addiction is a disease when it was classified as a chronic brain illness by The American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Despite recognition that should put it on par with a physical illness, addiction has a stigma latched to it like a dark shadow. Many addicts and alcoholics are dying because they can’t ask for help. The shame, ridicule, and complete misinterpretation of addiction throughout the world has to be smashed.

If Addiction Is A Disease, Why Can’t Society Treat It Like A Physical One?

Physical illnesses can be visibly seen and tracked, which gives them the advantage of being viewed in society for having the severity that they often do. Addiction is a mental disease with an austerity that can’t be seen as noticeably during all of its stages, which makes it simple for the public to challenge and mock its definition. Because of this, suffering addicts typically endure a significant weight load of pain before building up enough bravery to stand up and get help A person who has a severe ruptured wound on their body and is bleeding out wouldn’t be told to wait it out without some kind of medical attention first. Why should the disease of addiction be treated differently than physical diseases? It’s a double standard set in society that needs to be addressed. Addiction is not a moral issue or about the individual being weak. This disease is not by choice nor is it any different than a physical illness just because it can’t be seen, at least as quickly any way.

Consequences of Believing Addiction Is A Choice

When communities lack the open-mindedness of observing addiction as the mental illness that it accurately is, most sufferers avoid seeking treatment. Those that do seek help risk being turned down by their health care provider because addiction is seen as a choice and not a medical condition.

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