How Long Does Recovery From Addiction Take?


The moment that most alcoholics and/or addicts, like your loved one, walk in the door of the recovery world, it isn’t uncommon for them to already be asking how to overcome addiction to alcohol and/or drugs while precisely pressing on a time of how long does recovery take until they can go about life as though they were never addicted to a substance? 

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The truth is that the process of recovery doesn’t work quite as simply as a remedy for a cold where it clears up within a set amount of time and the symptoms slip away, leaving the sufferer, like your loved one, good as new.  Addiction and alcoholism are chronic brain diseases with no cure and though treatable, this disease requires regular maintenance which your loved one will need to adhere to in order for the most effective results to add up to a substantial gratifying quality of life.

How to Overcome Addiction to Drugs and/or Alcohol

A drug and/or alcohol addiction can be a debilitating experience.  It can leave your loved one feeling hopeless, lost, and confused with where to turn for help.  Your loved one may be left clinging to substances, feeling like they have no choice other than to continue with the ways they have formerly known.  Feeling stuck like this and like there is no way out can be a scary place to be in, but the beginning stage of how to overcome an addiction can begin with reaching out to someone and seeking help in some way, shape, or form. 

Truth About the Root of Addiction

On the topic of how to overcome addiction, it is necessary to see that root of the problem not so much has to do with the substance as much as it has to do with the addict and/or alcoholic themselves.  If your loved one continues to focus on simply removing the alcohol and drugs but fails to take a look at their own shortcomings and underlying pressing issues, then they cheat themselves out of working on the real issues that led them to use substances in the first place, thus initiating the spiral of the addictive cycle.

So how long does recovery take? 

The process of recovery takes as long as your loved one desires to get better.  In other words, this means that any addict and/or alcoholic will get as much out of their program of recovery as they put into it.  By continually putting in effort into the program of recovery, your loved one should allow themselves the opportunity to develop and enhance their spiritual horizons to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  Recovery truly begins when your loved one is willing to take a stern and unbiased look at themselves from as far back as they can remember to get down to the catastrophic reasoning behind the calamity.  Your loved one has probably created much collision during their illness and during the process of their recovery they will be able to sort through it.


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