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Prevention of Drug Abuse: Help Your Children Before It Starts

An effective way for early prevention of drug abuse and addiction to help your children quit before starting can begin with methods like encouraging them to participate in activities to find out what they enjoy doing.  The importance in early prevention methods becomes clear as the rates for drug use continue to rise and more members in society become tragically addicted to substances as time goes on.

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Early Prevention of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Early prevention of drug abuse and addiction is a smart tactic in order to reduce the amount of people using substances in the country because substance use disorders are diseases that need to be stopped before they begin.

Involve children in activities

One particular way to do this is by involving your children in activities at a young age.  Getting them involved in activities so they can discover what their favorite hobbies are will prove beneficial because it will show them what true pleasure is.  As your children develop, they will have passion in their lives and if they learn to cling to this, they will be less inclined to resort to drinking alcohol and abusing drugs. 

Importance of communicating with your children during their teenage years

There’s no denying the existence of societal pressures.  Teenagers are often tempted into experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs which typically leads to other risky and trouble behaviors such as engaging in unprotected sex, intervenous drug use, and other impulsive decisions.  It may be uncomfortable for both you and your teenage children to have a talk, but you should open the door for conversation at this age.  As parents, you should be striving to establish a concrete understanding of how your child makes choices and guide them respectively while veering them from destructive decisions.  It may seem like common sense, but teenagers need this reinforcement stated in conversation and they need to hear their worth.

Hearing self-worth during teen years

Teenagers particularly need to hear about their worth because values are thrown into question at this age and judgement becomes clouded.  A sense of low self-worth isn’t out of the ordinary at this age.  Teens should be building themselves up instead of down but they can’t see the forest for the trees.  As parents, you can help through showing them the value they truly have.

Make yourself available and present to your children

The best action you can take for your child as a parent is to show up in their life.  When you are mentally, emotionally, and physically present in your child’s life you show that you care about their well-being.  According to author Holli Kenley, who holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, this influences an individual’s decisions and can hold the most significant impact on whether they will end up abusing substances in the first place. 

The point being made here is that these are children – your children.  Keeping them away from substances by focusing on early prevention of drug abuse and addiction is important.  It can begin with simply opening the door for conversation and by you being present with your children from a young age through their teenage years.

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