Importance of Daily Readings and Meditations


Daily readings and meditations can play a vital role in your addicted loved one’s recovery, as well as in your own life as their loved one.  These words of wisdom can provide relief in addition to lifting their mood throughout the course of the day.

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Daily Readings and Meditations 

Practicing regular maintenance by keeping up with daily readings and meditations can benefit your addicted loved and yourself.  This ultimately provides your loved one with structure which they are likely unaccustomed to due to having been active in alcohol and/or drug addiction.  Daily readings can stem from prayer books, fellowship daily meditation reading books, personal journals, or religious books.  These will be packed with relevant information that pertains to their disease of addiction, which can help them address pressing issues and concerns they may be battling internally.  Examples of meditations may be practicing yoga, running, walking, lifting weights, journaling, coming up with a gratitude list, listening to music, cooking, or playing a musical instrument.  Meditating can allow your loved one to digest the information they have read.  It’s important your loved one take time to think about the heavy themes they have read about instead of just skimming through the readings.


Daily readings and meditations can provide insight about the world that may help your addicted loved one take a deep look at the areas of their own life, the situations they encounter on a day to day basis, the people they come into contact with regularly, and any concerns that may be pressing them.  These words and phrases can provide inspiration and advice they may need to hear.  Your loved one may become frustrated throughout the day, but then they just have to think back to what they read earlier and they may be able to pull inspiration and hope from what they can recall.

Good way to start the new day

It’s crucial for your loved one to realize they aren’t going to stay sober based on what they did for their recovery the day before.  A strong recovery program instead puts emphasis on practicing principles through daily reprieves.  Recovery is a continual process and the importance of daily readings and meditations is highlighted because it draws focus for each new day to begin.

Helps you and your loved one collect thoughts

By you and your addicted loved one committing to viewing the daily readings and meditations together, both of you get the opportunity to absorb the meaning behind the messages.  You and your addicted loved one get to consider the meaning of phrases together.  This is an activity that will allow you and your loved one to unite in the morning or later in the day too.  You will be able to spend quality time together and focus on a common solution while having a bonding experience.  When your loved one was active in their disease, they weren’t likely to want to be around you and they probably couldn’t connect to you, but now that they are working toward living their lives clean and sober, they are reading about their newfound life with you.

The importance of daily readings and meditations should not go ignored.  These vital recommendations can be great practices for your addicted loved ones and you to add into your routine together.  These shape the way for the course of your addicted loved one’s recovery by encouraging a healthy sober lifestyle.


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