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How To Deal With An Addict When They're Temperamental

When it comes to how to deal with an addict, it’s no surprise situations may cause frustration on your behalf.  Addicts are known for testing the waters and stirring trouble, so it can be difficult to stay calm when you’re the loved one of an addict.  With addicts being known as overly sensitive people that overreact in the heat of the moment, there’s no telling what could happen.  Learning how to manage situations with your addicted loved one can prove to help relieve some anxiety for you in addition to benefit the relationship between you and your loved one.

How To Deal

Dealing with an addict is a complex matter in general, but when the addicted individual is irritated, it can get ugly!  How do you handle these situations so that you aren’t ripping your own hair out or feeding into your addicted loved one’s negative behaviors?

Don’t be enabled and play into their game

Addicts are masterminds when it comes to manipulation even when they don't mean to be. Try listening to what they say, but beware of what you say and do.  Do not play into their game by providing what they want, giving them money, or allowing them to pull any reverse psychology on you.  They may try arguing until they get their way, but they are conning you because an addict wants what they want and they will stop at nothing until they get it.  It’s the root of the selfishness of their disease.

Get enough sleep

When you aren’t taking care of yourself and making sure your physical needs are met like getting a proper night’s sleep, you are only setting yourself up to get distressed by minor frustrations that may arise during the day.  Getting an adequate amount of sleep can help you feel well-rested, calm, and ready for the day ahead.  It can help you be prepared to handle anything your addicted loved one may throw at you.

Finding your own support

Whether you reach out to a support group like Al-anon or communicate with other loved ones of addicts, you should contact others who can be empathetic about what you are dealing with.  It can be the missing link you need that pulls you through and guides you through difficult, confusing, and frustrating times when your addicted loved one throws curve balls in your life, leaving you unsure about what to do next.

Keep calm, cool, and collected

By you remaining the rational one, you prove your addicted loved one to be the person who is escalating out of control.  Either they will be forced to tone it down or they will have to see how they are getting out of hand because they will look ridiculous when you’re speaking softly and they are shouting.

Whenever it comes to how to deal with an addict, your best bet is to be patient while practicing love and tolerance.  It can be frustrating but above all you have to remember your loved one is suffering from an actual illness and they aren’t intentionally trying to hurt you by being malicious.  They are sick and require treatment to get better because addiction is a disease not a moral failing.

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