Addiction can be confusing to those who have never had any experience with it. Addiction can also be confusing to those who have had experience with it or live with someone who is suffering from a substance abuse problem.

Many people can't seem to understand that once an addict becomes an addict there is little hope of full recovery unless they stop using all mind-altering drugs (even alcohol) altogether.

In a world where drug abuse has become an epidemic, let's look at the top 10 most difficult drugs to quit and how your loved one can recover from any drug addiction problem.

Hardest Drugs To Quit


Crack Cocaine



Crystal Meth






You want to know what the #1 hardest drug of all times is to kick? Whatever drug the person is addicted to - that's the most difficult drug in the world to quit. You see addiction centers in the brain so it has little to do with the drug as much as it has to do with the addict who is suffering from the addiction. If the drugs were the problem, once the drug is removed, then the problem should be solved. The problem is the disease of addiction with is a brain disease and can be treated if the person is willing to take certain steps to do so.

3 Steps To Recovery

Step 1: Check into a medical detox center and make sure you completely detox yourself off all drugs.

Step 2: Attend a drug rehab center to help you learn more about the disease of addiction, work through any issues that may be holding you back, and remove yourself from people and places that could be enabling your addiction.

Step 3: Work a program of recovery to help maintain your sobriety and continue living a life drug and alcohol free.

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